Underworld Water Pattaya and Bangkok

How it is if you walk and see the water animals from inside the water without getting wet. Yes it is true as you can get that amazing feeling of reaching and enjoying the underwater world in Pattaya. First of all, our representatives will pick you from your spot andtake you to this amazing world which is inside the water. This underwater world is officially opened 4th July 2003. It was considered as first modern Aquarium in the whole Thailand city. There was a long tunnel into the water of around 100 meter and the capacity of water into it is around 3.8 million. You will be amazed by seeing more than 5000 fishes of around 500 different verities here. This is the best place for outing with your family, friends and your loved once. They not only providing you a best place to hangout, they also provide initiate for marine conservation. School trips were also including this amazing world in their visiting list. There are three different types of tunnel whose names are like that:

• Tunnel 1: Coral Reef Zone
• Tunnel 2: Shark and Ray Zone
• Tunnel 3: Giant and Siam Zone

We will take you to the all of the above mentioned tunnels during your trip. And our guide will tell all the things about it to you. After completing your day in this beautiful and unique underwater world, you will be taken to your rooms of hotel or resort. So now just pack your bags and get ready for the explore.

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