Krabi Tours and Sightseeing Package

When people were talking about the rainforest, mangrove forest, islands and beaches no-one can forget to mention the place like Krabi. There are lots of beaches and rivers which makes the visitors attracted towards the island and they love to visit this place. Krabi is basically known for the adventure activity which makes all the visitors wow. The Krabi is expanding in the area of around 4709 km sq. If you really want to enjoy the life with thrill and adventure, so you should come to visit this place and make some memorable moments for your upcoming life.

Four Island Tour With Long Tail Boat / Speedboat
 Four Island Tour With Long Tail Boat / Speedboat

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @650 THB

 When you come to Krabi for enjoying the best moments of  your life, it’s a duty of the krabi to make you feel happy. And  with enjoying the 4 different islands via speedboat or longtail  boats is just an amazing adventure of the krabi.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Four Island Sunset By Long Tail Boat Or Big Boat
 Four Island Sunset By Long Tail Boat Or Big Boat

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @950 THB

  It’s really gives lots of happiness and calmness to see the  sunset by sitting at the edge of a rock. How would you feel if  you enjoy the sunset seen with the loved ones and capture  that moment for your whole life?

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phi Phi Island Tour by Speedboat
 Phi Phi Island Tour by Speedboat

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1250 THB

 You know there are more than 30,000 activity present right  now in Krabi for enjoy by the kids, youngsters and old age  group people. Phi Phi island Is one of the famous islands for  the visiting and gaming purpose.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ James Bond Island Tour With Long Tail Boat / Speedboat
 James Bond Island Tour With Long Tail Boat / Speedboat

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1250 THB

 James bond islandis the best attraction point in the Krabi  Island. This island is placed near PhangNga Bay National  Park and it provides thousands of natural views to the visitors  and attracts them towards the island.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Full Day Tiger Cave Temple Emerald Pool Hot Springs
 Full Day Tiger Cave Temple Emerald Pool Hot Springs

  Overview:) Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1100 THB

  The Sri Racha Tiger zoo is undoubtedly one of the best place  to visit en-route Bangkok - Krabi (40 Km from Krabi city).

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Half Day Sea Cave Kayaking Borthor
 Half Day Sea Cave Kayaking Borthor

  Overview:) Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1050 THB

  People will feel happy to enjoy the sea cave kayaking activity  when they are out of their lovely home. As we all know krabi  is a hub station for all the activities, there are some most  favorite activities.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hong Island by Speedboat
 Hong Island by Speedboat

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @950 THB

  When there are countless islands present in the krabi, so it is  very hard to differentiate all of them form each other. But  every Island is have some unique features which makes them  different from the rest other.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kayak at AoThalane and Elephant Trekking
 Kayak at Ao Thalane and Elephant Trekking

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1350 THB

 How would you feel if you are sitting on the back kof an  elephant and he is going on the mountains?  Amazing!!AoThalane is a resort town in the southern part of  krabi.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Khaosok One Day Tour
 Khaosok One Day Tour

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @2800 THB

 Khaosok is one of the famous national parks I the southern  Thailand. There are lots of virgin jungles, towers, lakes and  mountains for enjoying the beauty of nature.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Krabi Sunset Dinner Cruise
 Krabi Sunset Dinner Cruise

  Overview:) Evening Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @2650 THB

 Doing a dinner on the cruise and in front of you there is a  sunset view is showing. Just make your dreams come true  and enjoy the dinner at cruise in the sunset time.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Similan Island by Speed Boat
 Similan Island by Speed Boat

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @4000 THB

  SimilianIsland is the best among all the rest islands. People  came on the place from different places only to view and  enjoy the beauty of Thailand.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ White Water Rafting At Phangnga
 White Water Rafting At Phangnga

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1400 THB

  Do you ever perform the rafting activity in your life? Does it  thrill you? If the answer of above question si No, so you  surely need a vacation to the krabi island for exploring the  city.

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The Premier Beach Destination in Thailand - Krabi

Krabi is a picturesque beach town and the most developed resort tourism in Krabi Province. You can catch a long-tail boat and visit the other scenic islands under Krabi tour packages. Tourism is an important industry. You can reach Krabi by road from Bangkok, which is 783 Km. You can see coconut trees are widely planted in Krabi. This town is famous for fishing, shell reefs, white sand beaches, botanical gardens, underground streams, and caves.

The Best sightseeing destinations in Krabi

Every year many tourists from around the world flock to Krabi to enjoy the scenery of nature, clear waters, white sand beaches, and excellent Scuba Diving and rock climbing. The sightseeing tour packages of Krabi bestow a chance to view the sightseeing places in Krabi are;

● The Tiger Cave Temple
● Wat Kaew Korawaram
● Khao Kanab Nam
● Emerald Pool
● Hong Island
● Krabi Town Night Market
● Phra Nang Cave Beach
● Bamboo island
● The Mud Crabs Sculpture
● Railay Viewpoint Resort
● Ko Kai (Chicken Island)

You can hire a taxi, visit these sightseeing places with family and friends and carry your memories to your homes. When you talk about the Krabi, the foremost thing that will hit your mind is the white sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, and many islands when you see the list of Krabi tour packages. You find many packages according to places and days of stay in Krabi. Here are a few tourist attractions covered under tour packages that must be visited while on your vacation in the town.

Railay Beaches and Caves

It is situated in the city of Krabi. It is a beautiful seashore with tranquil white sand and clear waters. The Peninsula is covered with limestone cliffs and deep jungle valleys.

Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

There is greenery all around; this park will lend you a day amidst the forest. Nature lovers can spend their time in this forest by viewing the multi-colored flowers, the chirping sounds of birds, and the mountains will give a relaxing vibe for the day.

Wat Tham Sua

In this city, you will find a small number of caves in great numbers. For people who have an interest in archaeological and historical monuments is the best place to visit. These places are houses for monks who live, enjoy nature, and do meditation in peace.

Krabi Town

Fishing boats, river taxis ferrying, and the surrounding beaches and islands make for a great holiday hotspot. You can reach this destination by cab. Nang, Koh Lanta, and Koh Phi Phi for roaming around the city, you will gain a great experience by visiting this spot under the Krabi tour package for couples.

Klong Thom Hot Springs

This perfect place is looking to refresh their minds and soul. It is Krabi’s natural hot springs worth visiting. Those who visit this place will dip into the hot springs and get themselves refreshed in their minds and souls.
The ideal time to visit this place is during the incredible monsoon season from November through March.
Air, train, and bus anywhere from Thailand can reach these places.

The Ideal selling places for honeymooners and couples in Krabi

This place is known worldwide for its spectacular natural settings, white sand beaches, rocking nightlife, and amazing underwater biodiversity. Couples planning for Krabi honeymoon packages will fall in love with this island because of its beautiful beaches and isles.

Places of attraction are:

● Railay
● Phi Phi Islands
● Krabi Downtown
● Thung Teao Forest National Park
● Ao Nang

You can choose these your packages with the duration of stay at Krabi. The budget will start with 10k to 1 lakh. One can reach this destination by air transport and surface transport.
You can visit these places in the monsoon, summer, and winter seasons.
Apart from your couple and honeymoon packages, we have packages for whole families who enjoy this hot spot.
The Krabi tour package for family has shown you the stunning scenery and perfect white sand beaches. The perfect places to visit covered under family packages are:

● Ao Nang Beach
● Nopparat Thara Beach
● Railay Beach
● Klong Muang Beach
● Tubkaak Beach

The ideal time to visit these places is during summer if you want to enjoy yourself at the beaches. The time between July to October is for heavy rains. The temperature hovers between 25 to 30 Degrees Celsius. The best time to visit these places will be in winter, as the cool breeze will keep you fresh. The only way to reach these places is by Air.
Packages are also available for friends/groups. Tourists will enjoy these places when they visit with friends. The Krabi friends/groups your packages are available to see the hotspots are:

● Superb Thailand Tour Package
● Breathtaking Bangkok Tour Package
● Swanky Vacation At Splendid Krabi
● Alluring Krabi Sightseeing Tour Packages
● Krabi City Tour Packages

These cheap Krabi tour packages are available to tourists at affordable prices. The budget starts from 10 to 20k. You can have a New Year bash in this Krabi town and bring out all your memories to cherish modeling. Many tourists flock to this town to visit these attractions yearly as middle-class families can afford the rates. One does not hesitate to visit these places once in their lifetime. The packages are very cheap for family tours, honeymooners, family, and friends. Visiting Krabi makes tourists enthralled by spending their vacation at beaches, limestone cliffs, and many more.


Krabi sightseeing tour packages give special concessions to international visitor’s t, as it is the gateway for its growth and development. The youngsters enjoy a lot by spending their nighttime in pubs. The concerned govt will take necessary measures. It is the responsibility of the tourists to keep the town clean. An enchanting experience awaits you at the land of smiles. All the tour packages are crafted so that the visitors are likely to see Abundant natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and magnificent monasteries.