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If anyone really wants to enjoy the heaven on earth, they should once come to Thailand and visit the Bangkok. This is the most popular and famous place in all over the world which is known for the street life and enjoyment. There are lots of islands and rivers in which visitors play with their boats. The WatPhraKaew temple and Gold Buddha Temple does not need to explain its definition and features. The place was beyond the imagination and people felt amazing by visiting at this place. Our team of Voyage Tours only advice all the reader to once came to Bangkok for making your dreams come true with us.

Bangkok City Tour Half Day (Golden Buddha and Marble Buddha)
 Bangkok City Tour Half Day (Golden & Marble Buddha)

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @650 THB

 Visit the famous temples of Bangkok in a half-day tour and  get the real pleasure of life. Golden Buddha is a largest  solid- gold statue in all over the world. The weight of the  statue is about 5.5 tones and its 10 feet tall.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
 Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @650 THB

 This is one of the markets which are placed on water and  make attracts the visitors towards it. This market is situated at  a distance of 100 kilometers from southwest of Bangkok.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ River Cruise Dinner Sea Princess
 River Cruise Dinner Sea Princess

  Overview:) Evening Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1150 THB

 When all other people were busy with the hotels and  restaurants, only a ship dinner can make it different from all  others. A person who is coming to the Bangkok for visiting  purpose, they should surely come to river cruise for enjoying  the amusingness of this place.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dream World with Snow Town
 Dream World with Snow Town

  Overview:) Full Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1100 THB

 Thailand is a hub center for all the attractions and interesting  activities which visitors can perform in the city. Dream world is  an Amusement Park in which tourist can come and enjoy the  moments with their friends and squad.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Safari World and Marine Park
 Safari World and Marine Park

  Overview:) Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1150 THB

 Basically, Safari park and Marine Park are two parks which  included in the Safari World. This world is a proper spot of  attraction for the people which is opened in 1988.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Siam Ocean World
 Siam Ocean World

  Overview:) Day Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @1150 THB

 If you are a water child, so you should never miss the water  world which is ready to make you feel the heaven on earth.  Siam ocean world is let you feel the underwater life which  looks very interested.

 Read more... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Siam Niramit Show Bangkok
 Siam Niramit Show Bangkok

  Overview:) Evening Tour                        Prices from                                                                 @000 THB

 As we all know that Bangkok is very famous for the night  shows. People come from the different places only to enjoy  the fun of nightlife and Siam Niramit show in Bangkok is too  good for fresh your mind and enjoy.

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