Kayaking Tour at Angthong Marine Park Koh Samui

It is an adventure to the most well-known islands of the archipelago. The tour takes its individuals on the course of the two most visited islands of the Ang Thong National Park- the Koh Wua Talap Island and the Koh Mae, or the Mother Island- via way of boat excursion. The Ang Thong National Marine Park in Ko Samui sightseeing tour packages tour will take you on the course of some of the most well-known islands of the 42-island-large archipelago of the marine park. On its way, the tour offers some of the top lovable sights that can be professional around Koh Samui, crossing lovable stretches of pristine water, saltwater lagoons, and rocky seashores. Discover the fascinating archipelago of over forty islands withinside the Central Gulf Coast of Southern Thailand. Explore Thalay Nai or the Emerald Lake, a saltwater lake surrounded by limestone cliffs. Dive into the clear blue waters and snorkel into the prosperous marine existence past the clean corals and underwater caves. Witness the character stalagmite and stalactite rock formations withinside the Lotus Cave (Bua Boke Cave). Stroll along the pleasant natural wonders of Koh Samui with the comfort of complimentary transfers, a buffet lunch and with an English-talking excursion guide. Explore the stunning View Point at Wua Talap. The Viewpoint at Wua Talap is undoubtedly considered one of the most fantastic attractions of the Ang Thong National Marine Park tour to Koh Samui. The Viewpoint is frequently an observation platform located on the peak of a nearby hill, where you can trek a chain of timber stairs. Once you reach the summit, you can get a full, unobstructed view of the glittering green sea below. Admire the Emerald Lake at the Mae Koh Island. It is profoundly dubbed thru the way of locals due to the fact the Talay Nai, the Emerald Lake of Mae Koh Island, is one of the lovable pinnacle highlights of the Marine Park tour. With its stunning emerald waters, the lake nestles in the coronary coronary heart of the island, surrounded via way of means of a lush boom of trees.

The island has a few tall rock formations, which can be scaled to get a better view of the lovable lake below. Enjoy kayaking withinside the waters of the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Kayaking is one of the well-known sports activities of the Ko Samui sightseeing tour packages. The waters of the Marine Park are of perfect depth and present-day for kayaking. The interest is guided and assisted thru the tour guide and can be attempted via way of means manner of novices. Snorkel withinside the waters of the Marine Park. One of the pleasant tactics to coming across the prosperous marine existence of the Park is to experience snorkeling withinside the waters. Make your way via some of the full lovable underwater caves and shoals hid in Koh Samui's bosom as you dive deep below the blue surface. The snorkeling expeditions take the region from the shore and are assisted by the tour guide. Hike in the course of the hilly terrain of the Islands. If you want to maintain off the waters, the pleasant way to experience the island is to find their lengths by walking. A variety of hiking trails snake in the course of the hilly seashores, allowing you to find out the island on foot. The pleasant way to go to Ang Thong National Park is by ferry from Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. The long tail boats are available for lease. The rate for leasing a kayak for a day is 500 THB for a double or triple kayak. After experiencing the plant life and fauna of Ang Thong National Marine Park, You should test out on ferry Koh Phangan to Koh Samui and Koh Samui to Koh Phangan ferry.

It's a time to enjoy the Kayaking along the beautiful islands of KohSamui in the Ang Thong Marine Park. Kayaking is just a gift for the tourist from the side of nature. and enjoy the stunning gifts of nature. This is one of the best trips which you should not miss due to any reason. Here visitors can explore the caves and tunnels and enjoy the marine life. You can also visit the breathtaking Green Lagoon which surely makes you happy. You will also the unique and stunning scenery and rock formations which let you feel the happiness and positive energy in yourself.

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