Half Day / Full Day Sea Cave Kayaking Bor thor

Paddle thru caves, lagoons, and rock tunnels on a 5-hour sea kayaking excursion from Krabi to peer the red cliffs and purple caves Krabi sightseeing tour packages. Once in your kayak, comply with your manual beyond nearby fishermen, into the stalactite cave of Pee Hua Toh, and beyond. After losing time to discover the island on dry land, spherical out your journey with a seafood lunch in Tham Khao Wong. Eat a seafood lunch at a nearby eating place. Share your kayak with a chum or manual. Relax in a complimentary spherical ride motel switch. Enjoy snacks, tea, and liquids for the duration of the excursion. This half-day excursion takes you to one of the maximum thrilling regions of Krabi, splendidly scenic, and wealthy in records and culture. Travel overland in much less than forty minutes. It is to the pier at Bor Tor, after which switch for your kayak. Set off alongside the backwaters, passing nearby fishermen, to attain the stalactite cave of Pee Hua Toh with historic cave artwork. This cave has furnished a haven to people for hundreds of years. Take snapshots of the stunning lookout factor close to the pinnacle of the cave. Continue paddling to Tham Lod Tai, a mystery passage thru a rock tunnel dotted with stalactites. Depending on the tides, you'll be able to discover Tham Khao Wong, every other rock tunnel heading into the karst, this time finishing in a quiet lagoon in the middle of the mountain, fashioned hundreds of years in the past while a cave roof collapsed. The general kayaking time is now ninety minutes and no longer stops. Finish the excursion with lunch at a riverside seafood restaurant, with Thai meals served – sharing numerous dishes with rice even though it is less complicated if all tourists at the kayak paddle, most spartan one man or woman truly desires to paddle, so kids or much less healthy humans can take a seat as passengers with a capon a position grownup. In this example, no paddle manual could be required. Kayaking across the mangrove is fun.
Kayaking at Bor Thor is a thrilling region with a mangrove wooded area and sea cave. Take you to peer the Phee Hua Tho Cave, which looks like a human cranium picture that had ever observed historic human skulls within the cave that have been larger than cutting-edge people. There is cave artwork in the cave. The wall and ceiling of the cave have prehistoric artwork, human figures, animals, and organs envisioned to be 3000 years old. In the cave, many shells have been piled up on the floor for many million years. In addition to The Phee Hua Tho Cave, the vacationers also can go to every other cave withinside the equal region The North Tham Lod (the north grotto or Tham Lod Nua) and The South Tham Lod (the south grotto or Tham Lod Tai), you may do kayaking by skip thru those caves. The caves have distinct characteristics, particularly The South Tham Lod (Tham Lod Tai) is below the limestone mountain. There may be the move flowing thru a narrow tunnel, along with stunning stalagmites and stalactites. But The North Tham Lod (Tham Lod Nua) has a massive cavity. There may be a crooked tunnel longer than The South Tham Lod (Tham Lod Tai). You can paddle for the duration of low tide simplest. The ride isn't always so long; a maximum of humans can do kayaking via way of means of themselves. Book online Krabi sightseeing tour packages and get discounts on Bor Thor ½ Day trips.

People will feel happy to enjoy the sea cave kayaking activity when they are out of their lovely home. As we all know krabi is a hub station for all the activities, there are some most favorite activities. Kayaking is one of those famous activity in which people get enjoy and live their life once. You will discover some amazing view and locations under the water and enjoy the feel ofsuperiors. The cave paintings were surely make yo happy and wow on the same time which were present here to show the living hood of old people in the area.


08.30 am pick up at the hotels
Arrive to ban bor-thor( the fishing village )
Kayaking along the mangroves river to he sea cave thum lod tai which is a tunnel taking you under teh limestone mountain. The next visit “thum phi hua toh”, a spacious, airy cave. Number of prehistoric cave painting of 3000 b.c. And layers of archeological shells are found. Lunch at the village restaurant
Continue kayak to gorgeous inner lagoon “thum khao wong” with limestone mountain encircled and tropical vegetation grown all around up to teh rocky cliff.
Depart from the village and visit a place for refreshing swim with fresh clear water

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Join hotel transfer round trip Refreshments
Life Jacket
Waterproof Bag
Local English speaking Guide with License
Admission Fee
Lunch, Drinking water and Fresh Fruit


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